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Navione Mobile Navigation System

Navione Mobile Navigation SystemRequirements: PPC, SmartphoneOverview: Kay Lide companies since 1999 began with the world's leading car manufacturers, car navigation systems related to technology research and development and has successfully developed with independent intellectual property rights of a cross-platform, scalable, open reduction autonomous vehicle navigation engine - CAVNE (Careland Active Vehicle Navigation Engine), in which the engine has been developed based on the number of successful professional car navigation products before loading. Kay Lide mobile navigation system is still used CAVNE engine, the engine through the most challenging of small mobile equipment performance optimization, which will be professional-level car navigation functions into mobile phones and other mobile devices world.

Kay Lide mobile navigation system is run on smart phones or portable mobile computing devices, providing "position indicator" (where I am? Somewhere where?) And "navigation" (how to go somewhere?) Functional application software system.After a day simple tests, feeling significantly better than Skywalker, voice easy to understand, maps and more full update recommended!CODE:GPS310K Kay Lide Map version 3.0 in June 2007The list is reproduced in full Navione PEPCase memory cards under the root directoryDifferent models pleaseAnnex NAVICONFIG document revision ports and baud rate, please refer to the followingC Navigation changes in the directory and NAVICONFIG.txt Loader.ini two documents1)[Configuration]The default procedure = 0The path to the file = \ Storage Card \ Navigation \ NaviOne (tts). ExeMaintain a backlight = "keep backlight" To remain PDA screen backlight, 0 for not keep, to maintain a ChangliangOpen the Bluetooth = 0 0 not automatically opened, an automatic openRotary screen is not = 0 0 rotation, a rotation of 90 degrees to the right, left for the four rotating 90 degreesThe number of auxiliary procedures = 0(2)Laws NAVICONFIG.txt documents:COMMPORT = COM1: GPS COM port, whereBAUDRATE communications ports rate = 4800More Info:Code:www.navione.euDownload Instructions:

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Are there any cards included? and which ones?regardsD._________________submit to me
Nice release. 15 WRZ$ reward. Category: GPS_________________

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